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The Birth of Goat Yoga

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

This year marks the 4th year of goat yoga at Mad Lavender Farm! Wow how times fly - but one question remains the same in every class - how did goat come to be?

Not to quote the Golden Girls, but "Picture it," Fall of 2016. I had signed up for a Tarot Card Workshop at Mad Lavender Farm hosted by Adrienne. I was one of two people in the class and Adrienne and I definitely had some cosmic long-lost sister energy going on because our 1 hour workshop turned into 3. Life, love, and a pitcher of Kombucha later, Adrienne remembered she had to feed her new baby goat, Alice.

Now I'm a city girl, born and raised in Elizabeth for all of my early life, so even though I've lived in Hunterdon County for the past 20+ years I most certainly have never fed a baby goat, let alone held one! When I saw this tiny, cute, baby goat wagging her stubby little tail back and forth with excitement, I couldn't help but pick her up and give her all my lovin'! Adrienne asked me if I wanted to feed her and I think I was actually more excited than the goat!

It was during this that I asked Adrienne if she had ever heard of a new yoga class where people do yoga with goats out in Oregon somewhere. She said, "No way, how does

that even work?" So I explained to her all that I knew - when people are in down dog the goats jump on their backs, some goats wear tutus - it's totally wild!

Fast forward two weeks later, I get a call from Adrienne saying, "So I've been thinking about this goat yoga thing, think we could do it man?" To which I replied, "Fork yes! But, how the heck are we going to find all those baby goats?"

Of course Adrienne knew a gal and so goat yoga was created. At the time there was only 3 teachers, 4 baby goats, and a handful of classes here and there. Today, we have 5-6 teachers, 2 goat wranglers, 10 baby goats and, back to back classes Friday through Sunday. With the popularity of Goat Yoga, the farm was able to expand its lavender production, events and workshops, and its farm stand. We have also added a 26 ft Tipi to the property where we hold rained out goat yoga classes, Art of the Lotus, Sound Healing Baths, and other private parties and events!

So there you have it, the birth of goat yoga! We hope to see you at a class this summer.

Dates are listed on the website. Reserve your spot today and come cuddle with me, Alice and the rest of the gang!


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