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Yoga Pose



Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga is designed to acquaint students with basic foundational concepts of a Yoga practice. Students will learn proper alignment of poses and usage of props to realize benefits for the body and mind. The session will be great for those who have never taken a Yoga class, or those who would like to refine their foundational skills. The goal is for students to gain confidence and enjoy their yoga practice. 

*Students will need to transition from seated to standing, and therefore may not be suitable for those with specific joint issues. Please inquire prior to enrollment if you have any questions.

Mixed Level Flow

Mixed Level Yoga is designed to help you become more mindful and aware of your body and its capabilities. Focusing on foundational poses, this vinyasa-style class offers a wide variety of options making it appropriate for all levels from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Classes build strength, stamina, and flexibility offering both modifications and progressions for everyone. Linking breath to movement, this class will help you become more mindful and aware of your body and its capabilities.


Mixed Level (Iyengar influenced)

This Alignment based Hatha Yoga is designed for students to learn the proper positioning of poses through well balanced sequencing. With influence from the Iyengar method, it's perfect for the student that would like to take their foundational practice deeper. This class offers the options of props, and explores how props can deepen a practice. * *Recommended for students with a basic foundation (have taken at least one Yoga class), and seasoned Yogi's.

Sunrise Yoga
A morning yoga practice is a vital piece to setting up your day for whatever you need. It gives you a moment to reconnect with your body and mind, get the blood flowing, stretch the body, and lose yourself in the rhythm of movement. This guided yoga sequence is a perfect way to meet the sunrise and start a new day in a perfect and mindful way.


Align & Explore Yoga

Align & Explore Yoga is a perfect way to relax and unwind. It is a slower practice that links each movement with breath. Poses are entered into gradually, moving in and out of each pose first and then finding a holding position. This style of yoga is perfect for those looking for a calming and meditative practice.

Movement to Bliss Yoga

Movement to Bliss is a yoga practice that welcomes all levels of experience. Our classes incorporate a mix of movement and holding poses to help you find your inner peace and strength. We will focus on aligning our bodies as we settle into poses using stretching and breathing techniques to deepen our practice.

Flow & Restore

Wind down midweek with a healthy dose of R&R. This slow flow class is designed to help release any pent-up energy and tension lingering in the mind and body through a flow of gentle yoga poses. Afterwards, you'll be guided through a restorative yoga sequence designed to warm the joints and muscles with the help of yoga props, relieving the effects of stress, weakness, and fatigue. You'll leave this class filled with inner peace and an ultimate feeling of relaxed bliss.

Movement & Meditation

Movement & Meditate is the perfect way to relax and settle into the evening. This class combines gentle stretching and movement with breathing techniques, guided visualizations and mantra to help become acquainted with breath and body. At the end of the class, a meditation will be used to promote relaxation and help with a restful night's sleep.

Pilates Fusion

This Pilates Fusion class blends elements of barre, yoga, strength training and cardio —to give a modern twist to Mat Pilates! This class focuses on moves that will tone, stretch, and elongate muscles while also adding a fun pep to your normal workout routine.

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