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Yoga Pose



Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow Yoga is a perfect way to relax and unwind. It is a slow, gentle practice that links each movement with breath. Poses are entered into gradually, moving in and out of each pose first and then finding a holding position. This style of yoga is perfect for those looking for a calming and meditative practice.

Mixed Level Flow

Mixed Level Yoga is designed to help you become more mindful and aware of your body and its capabilities. Focusing on foundational poses, this vinyasa-style class offers a wide variety of options making it appropriate for all levels from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Classes build strength, stamina, and flexibility offering both modifications and progressions for everyone. Linking breath to movement, this class will help you become more mindful and aware of your body and its capabilities.

Yin Flow

Yin Flow is a yoga practice that offers time to slow down and stretch the connective tissue of the body, increase circulation and joint flexibility. Poses are held for several minutes, allowing you to use the breath to open and soften the body. This practice is great for those looking to restore balance and reduce stress.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow-Find your flow! This class will help students build their practice at a comfortable and slow pace giving the body time to align, settle and deepen into each pose. Great for all levels, including beginners!

Movement & Meditation

Movement & Meditate is the perfect way to relax and settle into the evening. This class combines gentle stretching and movement with breathing techniques, guided visualizations and mantra to help become acquainted with breath and body. At the end of the class, a meditation will be used to promote relaxation and help with a restful night's sleep.

Candlelight Flow

Wind down your week with a healthy dose of light and ease. This slow flow class focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation while connecting the mind and body in a zenful state of being. Each restorative sequence is designed to help warm the joints and muscles, helping to relieve the effects of stress, weakness and fatigue as you flow along by candlelight.

Barre Yoga

Barre Yoga is the perfect way to tone your muscles and improve your posture in a low-impact way. Our fusion of Pilates, yoga and ballet incorporates asymmetrical movements  suitable for all fitness levels to target every area of the body. Unlike traditional barre classes, we don't need a bar to participate, just a mat and desire to join in on the fun of achieving your fitness goals!

Pilates Fusion

This Pilates Fusion class blends elements of barre, yoga, strength training and cardio —to give a modern twist to Mat Pilates! This class focuses on moves that will tone, stretch, and elongate muscles while also adding a fun pep to your normal workout routine.

Sound Healing

At our yoga studio, we offer sound healing sessions that incorporate healing frequencies to create a tranquil and calming environment. Our sound healing services use instruments like gongs, crystal bowls, and singing bowls to provide a unique and powerful experience that can help realign and balance the body, mind, and spirit.

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