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Attune with the energy of sacred geometry of the Yantra/ Chakras. Participants will learn and create with vibrant colors Yantras/ Chakras while learning the corresponding mantra. No previous art or meditation experience necessary.


Benefits of making a Yantra:

•   Leaves one feeling calm and connected
•   Creates more faith
•   Strengthens one’s sitting practice
•   Activates both hemispheres of the brain
•   Allows one to go into an altered state of consciousness
•   Serves as a mediation practice
•   Helps ego dissolve and creates a state of deep focus
•   A healing tool, helps with transformation
•   Creates a deeper connection with the divine
•   Beautiful way to make friendship with a difficult planet in one’s astrological chart
•   A tool for merging with the divine

Notes about this class:

* All supplies are included with class.

* Wear comfortable clothing (we will be sitting during mediation)

* You may get a little messy as this is part drawing class with markers/ colored pencils.

To Register please click on the link below
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